Use Hypnosis to Get Back on Track


Do you have a stubborn problem or a barrier to progress that you’d like to deal with? Then you’ve come to the right place. I’m Robert Plamondon, a clinical hypnotherapist in Corvallis, Oregon. Hypnosis is not only fast, safe, and effective, it’s the most comfortable way of resolving your stubborn issues. Hypnosis lets you use all your hidden resources, from your most childlike and imaginative to your wisest and most mature, to solve your problems.

Hypnosis uses your childlike imagination to bring about change

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Hypnosis gets you unstuck

Hypnotherapy cuts to the chase and gets the job done. For example, take someone who wants to stop smoking and has tried nicotine patches, but they don’t help. Clearly, the problem isn’t nicotine, so what is it? I don’t know, but your unconscious mind does! At the end of the day, people do their own problem-solving and their own healing. The hypnotist just helps you into a state where your natural physical and mental abilities are closer to the surface. Once in hypnosis, the hypnotist guides you through a process of more fully realizing things you already knew, and more fully implementing things that, on some level, you already know how to do.

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Five Things You Should Know About Subliminal Messages [Videos]

Superlimial: Rigid Tool catalog picture of a model draped over a lathe.

Figure 1. Superliminals are everywhere!

Do you wonder if there’s anything to this “subliminal messaging” thing, where you’re being influenced in ways you don’t detect? Well, you are! But not in the ways you think.

People think about subliminal messages in terms of images that flash on the screen too fast to notice consciously, or words spoken too softly to notice consciously. The idea is that the message will be picked up by the unconscious mind (or subconscious mind—same thing), but the conscious mind doesn’t notice. Sort of like hypnosis, but in a context where, instead of getting assistance with the issue of your choice, you’re ambushed by someone else’s agenda.

So here are five things you should know about subliminal messaging:

1. Before Worrying About the Subliminals, Notice the SUPERliminals

For an example of the superliminal vs. subliminal issue, look at Figure 1. Because this pinup calendar picture was distributed to machine shops and garages across the country, the depiction of a lathe is relevant and sensible. But the scantily clad young woman doesn’t belong there (if she did, she’d be wearing steel-toed shoes, not ballet slippers). The concept of superliminals is to add an element that is powerful yet irrelevant, hoping for a response like: “What a great company, to put out calendars like this!” With superliminals, all subtlety is cast aside. You’re supposed to notice.

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Is Hypnosis Real?

Short answer: You can see the hypnotic state on a brain scan, so yes, hypnosis is real. Long answer … read on!

Hypnosis is Real: It Shows Up on Brain Scans

As you can see in the picture, the normal waking state, hypnosis, and faking the result all use different parts of the brain, and this can be picked up on a brain scan. Even without a brain scan, you can usually tell a hypnotized person from someone who isn’t.

From Science News

Your Brain on Hypnosis. Science News, “The Mesmerized Mind,” Sept. 25, 2009.

Is That Other Person Hypnotized?

Since most of us don’t have a brain scanner handy, we rely on other ways of telling if someone is hypnotized.

The hypnotist who does a stage show at the Benton County Fair, Tammy Harris Barton, is good, and you can learn the difference between someone who is really hypnotized and someone who is not just by watching her. During the first part of the show, she does things that deepen the hypnosis of the volunteers, and excuses the ones who aren’t going as deep as she’d like, until she’s left with the ones who are deeply hypnotized.

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Hypnosis for Alien Abductions? Is That a Thing?

The first time someone asked me about hypnosis for alien abductions,Cow being abducted by aliens in a UFO I was a little taken aback. “You want to abduct an alien? With hypnosis?”

But they explained to me that it’s more like, “I think maybe I was abducted by aliens. Can I find out in hypnosis?”

First, let me level with you: I have no training at all in forensic hypnosis. There really is such a thing as forensic hypnosis, with an idea of helping people remember things in a way that’s clean enough to help an investigation. But I have no training in it. And I’m no expert in aliens, either.

A True Story On a Related Theme

A client came to me and felt that her troubles lay in a past life. Well, past-life regression happens to be one of those things that we hypnotists do. I told her that this is done with no guarantees. I’m pretty confident that you’ll have an interesting hypnotic experience, and likely it will be moving and powerful as well. Will the things you remember be literally true?I have no way of knowing. They often feel that way, but I can’t make any promises. On the other hand, if it leads you to buried treasure, all I ask is that you send me a post card.

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Hypnosis-Like Techniques

Guided imagery and progressive relaxation are forms of hypnosisThanks to Hollywood and pulp fiction, hypnosis tends to bring to mind a villain with a pencil-thin mustache and possibly an opera cape. That’s really a stage hypnosis thing. So far, I’ve never met a hypnotherapist who greets clients in evening dress  and a silk hat or a turban with a jewel in the center. That’d be weird!

Some clinicians are put off by the Hollywood thing, so the first thing they do is stop using the word “hypnosis” when they do hypnosis. The second thing they do is to drop most of the hypnotic techniques from their repertoire, picking just one or two. Eventually, these little hypnotherapy technique-lets get accepted by mainstream practitioners as stand-alone interventions.

So there are a lot of doctors and therapists out there who are using hypnotic techniques without admitting it, and sometimes without knowing that’s what they are. I’ve listed a few of them below.

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Mind-Body Self-Hypnosis

I use self-hypnosis every day. It’s pretty easy, and I’ve recently discovered a particularly elegant shortcut to success, based on the idea that every thought in our mind creates some kind of reaction in the body. Actually, two shortcuts:The mind is not a machine, and neither is the body

  • Mind-body feedback during direct suggestion.
  • Focusing on discomfort until it changes.

These aren’t original with me, but I think I may have found their simplest possible forms.

When Good Suggestions Feel Bad: That’s Useful Mind-Body Feedback

While there are a lot of ways of using self-hypnosis, the simplest is to use direct suggestion, with a list of positive suggestions that you repeat to yourself over and over during the session. The rules are pretty simple:

  • Say it the way you want it: “I’m a valuable human being,” not “I’m not worthless.”
  • Put it in the present or present progressive tense, since the unconscious mind may choose to procrastinate forever if you use the future tense. “I am a nonsmoker,” not “I will be a nonsmoker.”
  • Specify the desired outcome, and leave the method of achieving it completely unspecified: “I am confident,” not “I get confidence from my lucky rabbit’s foot.”
  • When in doubt, use general suggestions: “Every day in every way, I’m getting better and better” is traditional. I’m also rather fond of the childlike, “I am good. I am great. I love me.”
  • Repeat them many, many times, exactly as written. One advantage of hypnosis is that it allows you to tolerate and even enjoy verbatim repetition. Sometimes you’ll feel like each repetition is opening another door.

You can write them on a card and open your eyes if you want: self-hypnosis works fine if you open your eyes for this purpose.

Anyway, if you’re like me, suggestions like “I am good. I am great. I love me” will initially spark some internal resistance, which you will feel in some way, somewhere in your body, or through some kind of internal dialog or imagery. This is good!

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