How to Improve Motivation and Planning

What’s the difference between someone who has trouble with motivation and planning, and someone who doesn’t, and how does hypnosis help? The differences are surprisingly small, and can be quickly rearranged with the aid of hypnosis. You’ll end up using your planning and motivation strategies to propel you into doing what you should do, while using your procrastination and avoidance strategies to keep you from doing what you shouldn’t — rather than the other way around!

In this short video, Richard Bandler (called by some “the world’s greatest hypnotist” and co-founder of NLP) talks about how little it takes to get these things aligned the way you want them.

How Do You Get More Motivation?

This short video by Richard Bandler talks about the concepts that hypnotists and NLP practitioners use to help people with motivation. People claim that they have no motivation, but if they see a hundred-dollar bill in the street, they move like lightning! So it’s not that you don’t have motivation, it’s that you’re not using it where you want to, and that’s a very different thing.

Be On Time With Hypnosis

I just read a short-and-sweet article in The National describing how the author became punctual after a few sessions of hypnosis. It shows how hypnotists use hypnotic age regression to uncover the origin of tenacious habits, and use that information to bring about a positive change.

The author formed a habit of being late at age six, and it may have served her reasonably well at the time, but later, when it outgrew its usefulness, the habit lingered on, running on autopilot, its origin forgotten on the conscious level. With the conscious mind unaware of the what the habit was about, and the unconscious mind neglecting to re-evaluate it, she was stuck until her hypnotherapist removed both barriers at once: bringing the event into consciousness and encouraging the unconscious mind to re-evaluate the usefulness of the habit compared to other methods at its disposal.

Age regression is a powerful technique, and it’s just one way of working with stubborn behaviors. The unconscious mind never really forgets anything, and it’s capable of fast and lasting change, and the main issue is that it doesn’t occur to it to re-evaluate its habits! A hypnotist can draw the unconscious mind’s attention to the issue in a way that will engage its interest and cooperation, even if the hypnotist himself is never told exactly what the origin is or what solution is chosen. It’s not a matter of analyzing the client’s problem, but setting up conditions so the client will solve it for himself. Continue Reading...