Free Stress Relief

Have too much stress in your life? Wondering if my style of hypnosis can help you?

Have no fear! Download my free 30-minute stress-relief recording right now—it’s only one click away. This recording is a self-hypnosis relaxation session with helpful words and soothing music to help you relax and just let go.

Play My Stress-Relief Recording Online

How do you get your free recording?  I used to make people sign up for my newsletter to get it, but not anymore. Now it’s just one click away. You can play it right here in your browser or download it do the device of your choice.



Download my Hypnotic Stress Relief Recording

Download the Stress Relief Recording (mp3). This will download it to your device, and you can play it anywhere, anytime. It’s in mp3 format, so it should play on any smartphone, iPod, laptop, etc.

How to Use a Self-Hypnosis Recording

Self-hypnosis grows on you, so for best results, give it time. Listen to it once or twice a day for a week or so. Try it anytime you have half an hour free, either lying down or sitting. Anytime you can take a break is good, and bedtime is good, too.

Some tips on self-hypnosis recordings:

  • If you’re nervous about self-hypnosis, listen to it in a non-relaxed way first, with your eyes open. No need to buy a pig in a poke!
  • Do not operate heavy equipment or perform brain surgery while listening to a self-hypnosis recording.
  • At first, it’s best to find a non-distracting time and place to practice. As you get better at it, you can go into hypnosis in less peaceful surroundings.
  • You can go into hypnosis. You already know how. Everyone goes in and out of hypnosis every day, though we usually don’t notice.
  • Just follow the instructions on the recording and you’ll end up in a relaxing state of hypnosis. Maybe not the first time you play the recording, but soon.
  • Hypnosis isn’t the same as sleep. You’ll be aware of your surroundings the whole time.
  • You won’t fall asleep during the recording unless (a) you want to, or (b) you’re so sleep-deprived that would also have fallen asleep watching TV or reading a book.

What Can You Expect From Hypnotic Stress Relief?

  • The recording itself will become relaxing and refreshing.
  • This relaxed, can-do state will last after the recording ends.
  • The more you use the recording, the longer these shifts last, until they become your “new normal.”

And if you like the recording, you’ll love seeing me in person!

About Stress

Stress slows us down, freaks us out, and runs us ragged. When we’re stressed, everything becomes harder than it has to be. Just dialing down your stress, without any other changes, gives you more energy, more confidence, even more intelligence. You solve problems more easily and bounce back quickly from life’s lumps and bumps.

The unconscious mind can learn how to let stress go in ways that has no downside at all. Instead of worrying, you plan—or simply wait with interest to see what happens next.

Let Me Know How It’s Working

And once you’ve listened a few times, drop me a line and tell me how it’s working out for you!

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