How Do You Get More Motivation?

This short video by Richard Bandler talks about the concepts that hypnotists and NLP practitioners use to help people with motivation. People claim that they have no motivation, but if they see a hundred-dollar bill in the street, they move like lightning! So it’s not that you don’t have motivation, it’s that you’re not using it where you want to, and that’s a very different thing.


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Robert Plamondon
Robert Plamondon has written three books, received over 30 U.S. patents, founded several businesses, and is an expert on free-range chickens. Robert's publishing company, Norton Creek Press, is a treasure trove of reprinted classics, including Hypnotherapy of War Neuroses, which covers treating PTSD in veterans. Robert and his wife Karen sell free-range chicken and eggs at the Corvallis farmers' markets. Robert's hypnotherapy office is in downtown Corvallis.

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