Is the Unconscious Mind Real?

In this video, John Grinder, one of the co-founders of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), talks about the lack of precision and even of reality of the “unconscious mind” as a single, specific entity, and how it’s more like a number of loosely connected processes, all different. We really start firing on all cylinders when the conscious mind and all these loosely connected unconscious processes are working together, which can only happen when communication between them is fostered — both the feelings and other signals that are used by the unconscious to alert the conscious mind, and the reverse path, where the conscious mind talks to the unconscious.

People go to a hypnotherapist when they want to move their unconscious mind in a particular direction, such as replacing fears or other bad feelings with better ones, or replacing bad habits with good ones, and I’m not sure if they’re aware that it’s almost inevitable that this will lead to improved two-way communication, and all the benefits that this implies.

Grinder is more scholarly and precise than most people in the hypnosis realm, and he knows how to get results, too. More on that in another post

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