Relax, it’s Robert’s Hypnosis Newsletter! (Dec 2017)


December sceneWow, it’s been a long time since I sent out a newsletter! But here we are again, safe and sound.

Since it’s been a while, let me summarize some of the reasons you probably subscribed in first place:

  • I write blog posts and videos. Some of these are specifically about hypnosis: some are useful to anybody.
  • I offer hypnotherapy services, both in-person in my office in Corvallis, and worldwide via telephone or Internet video. Hypnotherapy is cool, and it’s way more interesting than traditional talk therapy! It’s also quicker and thus cheaper — I never see anyone for more than 10 sessions, and you’ll most likely see me for only 3-6.
  • I sometimes offer free stuff, like my relaxation recording.

Friends Fly Free

You can bring a friend to your first session for free: for moral support, or because the other person’s curious, or because they’re serious but don’t mind getting a free session! There are no formalities: just schedule on my Web site, and if two of you show up, great.

Free Stuff: Listen to My 30-Minute Relaxation Recording

One of the perks of belonging to this mailing list is my 30-minute relaxation recording. I recorded this a while back. It’s in MP3 format, so you ought to be able to play it on just about anything. Download or play it online here.

How do you use the recording? Find thirty free minutes (bedtime is okay), start the recording, sit back, relax, and follow the instructions. Sitting down or lying down are both fine. (Please don’t listen to it while driving or performing brain surgery).

This is a self-hypnosis recording, and self-hypnosis is something that grows on you over time. You may not notice much at first. But practice makes perfect. So promise yourself you’ll listen to it several times over the course of a few days. (If you feel relaxed afterwards, you’re getting there.)

When you see me in my office, you’ll see that one-on-one hypnosis is more powerful, and of course it’s more interactive and personalized. Just like you’d expect.

New Stuff: Blog Posts Since Last Time

Since last we met, I’ve written many blog posts:

“Wait, remind me, what would I see you for?”

  • Weight loss, healthy eating, healthy habits
  • Smoking cessation
  • Pain control
  • Stress, anxiety, fear, panic, phobias
  • Sadness, depression, guilt, shame
  • Sleeplessness or lethargy
  • Bad habits you want to break
  • Good habits you want to create
  • Feeling okay about yourself: letting go of self-blame, self-criticism, unworthiness
  • Reconnecting with the world around you
  • For more info, see my Web site.

Until next time,


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Robert Plamondon
Robert Plamondon has written three books, received over 30 U.S. patents, founded several businesses, and is an expert on free-range chickens. Robert's publishing company, Norton Creek Press, is a treasure trove of reprinted classics, including Hypnotherapy of War Neuroses, which covers treating PTSD in veterans. Robert and his wife Karen sell free-range chicken and eggs at the Corvallis farmers' markets. Robert's hypnotherapy office is in downtown Corvallis.

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