Taking the Unconscious Mind Seriously

This short video by John Grinder shows why it’s so important to take the client’s unconscious mind seriously:

We all do things that we wish we didn’t, and every one of these behaviors has a purpose behind it. It may not have wisdom behind it, but there’s always a purpose.

One thing you need to know about our behaviors is that the thoughts behind them tend to be frozen in time. If a teacher tells us that we have no artistic talent, we tend to accept that judgment as a child and forget to reassess it later. This means that we continue to overlook the fact that the teacher was nothing but a bully who wouldn’t know talent if it were pointed out by a choir of angels, and that means that, for all we know, we might be overflowing with talent!

Our limiting beliefs aren’t keeping up with current events, but they effect our feelings and behavior every day. The result is that your unconscious mind is busily protecting you from criticism by applying the old lessons, even though they may have always been the wrong lessons, and even if they were the right lessons then, they’re the wrong lessons now. The intentions are good, it’s just the method that needs to be updated.

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How Easy is it to Stop Smoking With Hypnosis?

How easy is it to stop smoking with hypnosis? Your mileage may vary, but you can expect that it will be a lot easier than quitting without hypnosis.

The thing is, sometimes smoking is just a habit with very little meaning to the smoker, and when that’s true, quitting is usually pretty straightforward. On the other hand, sometimes smoking is important for one reason or another, and it’s important to take care of that part first.

Take a guy who says that he needs to smoke in order to relax. Now, we all know that nicotine is a powerful stimulant, and smoking to relax is like taking Vivarin to relax! Does that mean he’s wrong? No! Not if his behavior matches his belief. If a cigarette calms him down, then it really does help him relax. What we’re seeing is the fact that the human mind is far more powerful than the chemicals we ingest. And doesn’t this imply that nicotine itself is neither here nor there? I think so.

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“Can I Be Hypnotized?”

“Can I be hypnotized?” If you want to be, sure. So far, I’ve never failed at helping a client to achieve hypnosis.

When someone who wants to be hypnotized has difficulty, there’s likely to be a specific cause. For example, in the old days, many hypnotists were in the habit of telling clients, “No one can hypnotize you but me.” I don’t know why they did this, but it’s not hard for a good hypnotist to remove the suggestions of a bad one.

It also happens that a few people find going into hypnosis to be reminiscent of an experience they didn’t like. For example, nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) is a hypnotic agent, and general anesthesia often starts with nitrous oxide before switching to a more powerful anesthetic, so sometimes people find that going into hypnosis reminds them unpleasantly of a hospital visit. This, too, can be dealt with in a straightforward manner.

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My First Testimonial

I had been bothered by my fear of driving for decades, so much so that I would do anything possible and make every excuse to myself and others to avoid driving on highways.

After just two short sessions with Robert, I was able to drive down I-5 with a huge smile on my face! He does amazing work and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs to get back to the person they once were!

Jon Hansen, Corvallis

(Your mileage may vary.)

Everybody Wins When Everybody Loses

Lose weight with hypnosis, Robert Plamondon, Corvallis OregonI started working with a couple of weight-loss clients a week ago, here in Corvallis. I’m not sure about them, but in the week since their first sessions, I’ve lost three pounds! I suddenly went from being luke-warm about my diet to being dedicated. Not only that, but didn’t I used to get hungry between meals? My food intake is way down, and my diet (a low-carb diet) doesn’t even ask for portion control.

Nor I suggest these things to my clients in the session. I’m a hypnotist, not a nutritionist and I’m not a diet zealot, so during the session I don’t make specific suggestions about how to achieve one’s ideal weight, or what that weight might be. I make more general suggestions about finding appropriate methods, and applying them in ways that get only appropriate results.

With open-ended suggestions like this, it’s common to see people adopting again anything that worked well in the past, only with more comfort and finesse, which is what’s happening with me.

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