Try This 30-Second Suggestibility Test [Video]

In this brief video, I show one of the world’s simplest suggestibility tests. It’s quick and fun.

What is a hypnotic suggestibility test?

It shows if you pretty much have the hang of hypnosis already. If it works readily for you, you are a good candidate for learning self-hypnosis on your own. If it gives you trouble, you’ll want to see a good hypnotist, either to learn self-hypnosis or to work one-on-one to take care of any issues you don’t want to have anymore. But most people get the knack of it if they try it for a few minutes.

What is hypnotic suggestibility?

I don’t like the word very much, because “suggestible” has overtones of “gullible.” What the term really means, though, is responsive. People who find this test easy already have the knack of responding to hypnotic suggestions. Those who don’t? They aren’t responding quite so readily. Continue Reading...

Use Hypnosis to Get Back on Track


Do you have a stubborn problem or a barrier to progress that you’d like to deal with? Then you’ve come to the right place. I’m Robert Plamondon, a clinical hypnotherapist in Corvallis, Oregon. Hypnosis is not only fast, safe, and effective, it’s the most comfortable way of resolving your stubborn issues. Hypnosis lets you useĀ all your hidden resources, from your most childlike and imaginative to your wisest and most mature, to solve your problems.

Hypnosis uses your childlike imagination to bring about change

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Hypnosis gets you unstuck

Hypnotherapy cuts to the chase and gets the job done. For example, take someone who wants to stop smoking and has tried nicotine patches, but they don’t help. Clearly, the problem isn’t nicotine, so what is it? I don’t know, but your unconscious mind does! At the end of the day, people do their own problem-solving and their own healing. The hypnotist just helps you into a state where your natural physical and mental abilities are closer to the surface. Once in hypnosis, the hypnotist guides you through a process of more fully realizing things you already knew, and more fully implementing things that, on some level, you already know how to do. Continue Reading...