“Can I Be Hypnotized?”

“Can I be hypnotized?” If you want to be, sure. So far, I’ve never failed at helping a client to achieve hypnosis.

When someone who wants to be hypnotized has difficulty, there’s likely to be a specific cause. For example, in the old days, many hypnotists were in the habit of telling clients, “No one can hypnotize you but me.” I don’t know why they did this, but it’s not hard for a good hypnotist to remove the suggestions of a bad one.

It also happens that a few people find going into hypnosis to be reminiscent of an experience they didn’t like. For example, nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) is a hypnotic agent, and general anesthesia often starts with nitrous oxide before switching to a more powerful anesthetic, so sometimes people find that going into hypnosis reminds them unpleasantly of a hospital visit. This, too, can be dealt with in a straightforward manner. Continue Reading...