Try This 30-Second Suggestibility Test [Video]

In this brief video, I show one of the world’s simplest suggestibility tests. It’s quick and fun.

What is a hypnotic suggestibility test?

It shows if you pretty much have the hang of hypnosis already. If it works readily for you, you are a good candidate for learning self-hypnosis on your own. If it gives you trouble, you’ll want to see a good hypnotist, either to learn self-hypnosis or to work one-on-one to take care of any issues you don’t want to have anymore. But most people get the knack of it if they try it for a few minutes.

What is hypnotic suggestibility?

I don’t like the word very much, because “suggestible” has overtones of “gullible.” What the term really means, though, is responsive. People who find this test easy already have the knack of responding to hypnotic suggestions. Those who don’t? They aren’t responding quite so readily.

Can I be hypnotized?

Anyone can by hypnotized. In fact, everyone goes into and out of hypnosis every day. “Highway hypnosis” is just one example. Hypnosis is a natural state that included a heightened level of focus and a heightened receptivity to suggestions, or at least to acceptable suggestions. Hypnosis is a bit like dreaming and is sometimes a lot like imaginative play, as well.

Because hypnosis is a natural state that we all know how to do already, hypnotizing someone is usually easy. Anyone can be led into a deep state of hypnosis by a skilled hypnotist. This is true even if you have trouble with the suggestibility test.

What is hypnosis good for?

The human mind has its quirks. One of them is that we can make a firm decision to do something … and then nothing happens. Some part of our mind didn’t get the memo, and things go on as before.

AEasy hypnotic suggestibility test simple way of looking at hypnosis is as a memo-delivery service, where the hypnotist gets your mind into a memo-receiving state and then delivers the same memo a great many times in different ways. In hypnosis, you’re not only more receptive to suggestions, but you’re also extremely patient, so I can repeat the exact same suggestion in the exact same words twenty times in a row and you won’t be the least bit impatient. That’s just one way in which the hypnotic state allows an idea to sink in very deeply and really take hold.


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