Use Hypnosis to Stop Smoking Now

Are you still smoking? Do people still tell you that quitting is hard? And it is — but you have to remember the old saying, “Everything is hard until you start doing it right.”

stop smoking with hypnosis in Corvallis

How to stop smoking? Quit smoking with hypnosis! Hypnosis is at its best when dealing with habits, including smoking. If hypnosis can convince you to not feel pain during surgery, there isn’t a lot it can’t do. And in fact, smoking is the first thing people think of when they think of hypnosis. (Well, okay, it’s the second thing, after “clucking like a chicken,” but that’s stage hypnosis. I’m a hypnotherapist — a stage hypnotist is an entertainer.)

Smoking cessation takes less time than most of the positive changes people seek out hypnotists for, averaging only 2-3 sessions, or about half the time of most issues. From the hypnotist’s point of view, the trick isn’t helping you to stop smoking, but to help you stop smoking for life. That’s why I insist on at least two sessions, even though many people stop after the first session.

Why am I so insistent on this? Besides just liking to do thorough work that lasts, I have a personal reason. My father, Dan A. Plamondon, was a life-long smoker, and he died of lung cancer in his mid-fifties (long before it occurred to me to take up hypnosis professionally). He had seen a hypnotist who promised him a “one-session wonder,” and after this one session he lost all interest in smoking, and stayed happily off cigarettes for six months. Sadly, when he started again six months later, he thought that hypnosis had failed. No one told him, “If hypnosis help to you stop for a while, it came very close to helping you stop forever, and you probably achieve this with just one more session with someone who understands how to make the effects permanent.”

Hypnosis for smoking cessation has been studied many times and found to be more effective as other methods, such as this study reported in Science Daily.

How does it work? My approach is to help you feel  that smoking is just something you used to do, way back when, but not anymore. I used to have a nice red tricycle, and I liked it very much, but when I see a tricycle these days, I don’t feel an urge to ride it! And it’s nice to see kids riding tricycles — I don’t need to avoid them. And you can stop wanting cigarettes because smoking is just something you used to do, and you’ll be fine when you’re with your friends who smoke. They smoke, you don’t, and that’s perfectly comfortable, just like lots of people drink iced tea and I don’t. Because time is subjective, and hours can seem like weeks, a single hypnosis session can turn you into someone who’s been a non-smoker for a long time.

Sometimes this works right away, with no cravings at all, and sometimes the cravings are there, but they’re manageable. After all, when you crave a cigarette, it’s because you haven’t been smoking, so it’s a reminder that you’re doing it right! And the cravings soon fade away.

What about weight gain after smoking? Since weight control is the other thing everybody thinks of when they think of hypnosis, you can see how the two go together. There’s no reason why you can’t keep your weight steady or even lose weight after you stop smoking. Avoiding these side effects and making the whole package as easy and natural for you as possible is what hypnosis is all about.

If you’re ready to stop smoking — even if you’ve tried hypnosis before and kept right on smoking — contact me. I have a lot of motivation, and I use a wider range of techniques than most hypnotists. You’ll find hypnosis to be safe, interesting, and effective. My office is in downtown Corvallis, so I’m within easy reach of folks living in Philomath, Albany, Lebanon, Monmouth, Brownsville, Dallas, and Junction City. Contact me.