Whatever You Do, Don’t Do This

A man came in to see me to stop smoking, and after the first session, he reported, “It didn’t work. As soon as I left the building, I wanted to see if I could still smoke, so I lit up a cigarette. And I still could.”

He would have agreed that an alcoholic client probably shouldn’t keep a hip flask on his person at all times, and a sex addict shouldn’t leave a hypnosis session escorted by a couple of hookers! That would be silly. There’s a difference between falling off the wagon and jumping off.

Fortunately, most people already know this, so a smoking cessation client isn’t surprised when asked to bring in any remaining cigarettes so we can dispose of them. Hypnosis adds the power of suggestion to your existing powers of willpower and resolution, and it can do this quickly, but not so quickly that it’s wise to douse ourselves in steak sauce and walk into the lion’s den!

Hypnosis works at different speeds for different people. Some don’t get the results they’re looking for. Some find that hypnosis is like turning off a switch, and their problem vanishes like magic. Others find that the problem puts up a bit of a struggle before fading away. Some find that they have to really roll up their sleeves and make a strong effort until their problem, too, fades away.

It’s best to remember that the point of hypnosis isn’t for it to be mysterious and magical, it’s to get you moving in the right direction. Your conscious mind and deliberate actions are important! So stack the odds in your favor.

Take two men who want to stop their midnight snacking habit. One has ice cream in the freezer, and the other has nothing but a frozen chicken. Which one is more likely to have that midnight snack?

Hypnosis is one way of stacking the odds in your favor, and the more additional things you do to stack them even higher, the better.



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Robert Plamondon
Robert Plamondon has written three books, received over 30 U.S. patents, founded several businesses, and is an expert on free-range chickens. Robert's publishing company, Norton Creek Press, is a treasure trove of reprinted classics, including Hypnotherapy of War Neuroses, which covers treating PTSD in veterans. Robert and his wife Karen sell free-range chicken and eggs at the Corvallis farmers' markets. Robert's hypnotherapy office is in downtown Corvallis.

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