Don’t Drive to Portland!

No Need to Drive to Portland to Make Positive Changes in Yourself

Benton County Courthouse, Corvallis Oregon[Update: May, 2017. Positive Changes Hypnosis in Beaverton has closed their doors forever. If you’re looking for a good hypnotist, and Portland is a long drive, you’ve come to the right place. Read on!]

Lots of people see those TV ads for Positive Changes Hypnosis in Beaverton and ask themselves, “But that’s a long drive! Can’t I get quality hypnosis closer to home?” Why yes. Yes you can.

I’m Robert Plamondon, your friendly local hypnotist. My office is in downtown Corvallis, so I’m close. That saves you time.

And if you have to drive a long way just to get to Corvallis, as my customers from the coast do, you can schedule double sessions, seeing me for two hours in a row and cutting the trips in half.

Just watch the video below and see if I’m someone you want to work with.

Not to mention that I’ve been through three complete hypnotherapy trainings and know hypnosis backwards and forwards!

Hypnotherapy assists you in making those positive changes with just about any problem that seems out of control or that you tend to avoid thinking about, including:

  • Habits like smoking, nail biting, procrastination, or bad study habits.
  • Emotional issues with motivation, anger,  fears, guilt, low self-esteem, trauma, sadness, lethargy, or panic.
  • Health issues like weight control, pain control, and a positive attitude towards healing.

positive changes in corvallis. No need to drive to Portland for hypnosis!

I’m not claiming that you’ll find hypnotherapy comfortable 100% of the time, but I’ll tell you this: in my office, one box of Kleenex lasts a whole year. And hypnosis makes the impossible seem doable and the overwhelming seem workable, and from that state of mind, it’s easier for it to come true.

“Can You Help People With a Long Drive?”

Yes, with double sessions! Schedule two back-to-back sessions on the same day, and you get twice as much hypnosis per trip.

“What Does Hypnotherapy Cost?”

Click the “Contact Me” tab at the bottom of the screen and see my current prices and discounts.

If you buy one of my discounted packages, you can share discounted sessions with friends and family, or if you can’t figure out how to use them all up, I refund the unused balance.

“Do You Offer a Guarantee?”

I can’t guarantee that hypnosis will solve your problem, but I offer a money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with my services.

“I’m Nervous About Hypnosis!”

Why not bring a friend into the first session? At no extra cost! I do first-session twofers all the time.

And it’s okay to record your sessions as well. Smartphones are handy that way. You won’t find anything sneaky or weird on the recording.

But nervousness isn’t a problem in itself—people who are keyed up go into hypnosis at least as easily as people who are calm.

Answers to Five Questions Everyone Asks About Hypnotherapy

Have more questions? See my Q&A section.

So give it a try! My office is in downtown Corvallis, and I make things easy for you by offering online scheduling and accepting debit and credit cards in addition to cash and checks. Why not take the next step and sign up right now? I’ll bet you’re not just looking: you’re ready to get started. And I’m looking forward to working with you.

I'm Ready to Try Hypnosis!


Not quite ready? Read more here.

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